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Brad Marugg.

The Tillamook County Fire Defense Board’s Firefighter of the month for December 2019 is Garibaldi Firefighter Brad Marugg.

Brad joined the Garibaldi Fire Department as a cadet firefighter in 2014. He has worked his way up and is a certified firefighter 1 and a medical first responder. His rank in the fire department is, Firefighter/First Responder.

Brad is 20-years-old, single and lives in Garibaldi. Brad was raised up the Miami River at Foley Creek. Currently, he is a warehouseman at the Tillamook Country smoker.

Brad is a high school graduate from Neah-Kah-Nie High School.

In his spare time, Brad likes to hang out with friends, play basketball, go camping and he also enjoys mechanical projects.

Brad became a firefighter because it’s in his blood. Brad’s father is Garibaldi Fire Chief Jay Marugg.

Brad says the most rewarding thing about being a firefighter is helping people. “You see people at their lowest of lows and you get to help them out,” he said.

His father is quick to point out, Brad has earned this honor by his service to the district.

“As his fire chief and his father, I want to let everyone know, Brad was voted as firefighter of the month by his piers and not just me,” Chief Marugg said. “Brad deserves this honor for his effort, sacrifices and passion for the fire service. He is an intelligent, passionate and hard working firefighter.”

Brad once demonstrated super human strength at a structure fire we had in Barview. A ladder was needed to access the second floor of a burning building that had two occupants and the second floor engulfed in fire. Brad recognized this and grabbed the only ladder he could which was the 35’ extension ladder weighing approximately 250 pounds. At a minimum, this ladder takes two big guys but should be handled by four people. With all his turnout gear and SCBA adding weight to his own body, Brad grabbed the ladder, put it over his shoulder and carried it 80’ then placed it to climb to the second floor. He then resumed fire suppression efforts with his fire crew.

Congratulations Brad on a job well done and for making our community safer by your efforts.

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