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North County Recreation District has received a $20,000 grant from the CHS fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. The grant is for the replacement of NCRD’s 1930 community center swimming pool.

To date NCRD has received well over 430 donations as well as grants from the Phillip R. Johnsson Foundation and the Autzen Foundation, as well as another donor advised grant from the Oregon Community Foundation. Over 1700 individuals have signed in support of our project, and there are letters of support from the cities of Manzanita, Nehalem, and Wheeler. The pool will receive an estimated 35,000 visits this year

Since 1930, an estimated 10,000 elementary school children have learned to swim in the pool. This was the result of the community demanding that a pool be built in 1929 following the drowning deaths of several local boys. North County Recreation District, based in Nehalem, is virtually surrounded by water so the ability to swim is a real survival skill. NCRD partners with Neah-Kah-Nie School District to provide swim lessons for all Nehalem Elementary students.

There have been many reports of how the pool helped people overcome their fear of water, recuperate from illnesses and accidents, and in a number of cases helped to save someone’s life later on. Over the years, NCRD has added programs that benefit families, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The new pool will be completely ADA accessible, and this will add yet another benefit to the community for decades into the future.

“This grant is a wonderful gift for our new pool campaign”, said Executive Director David Wiegan. “”We have almost $2 million in our dedicated fund for the pool, and our Capital Campaign Committee is working on a number of major sources of funding as we progress toward our goal. Time is of the essence because our 89 year old pool, the oldest public pool on the west coast, is way beyond its useful life. We are continuously challenged to keep it operating because of its ancient infrastructure. ”

Information about the new pool campaign is available by calling 855-444-6273.

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