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Nehalem Bay Artists Coalition hosts first Winter Exhibition, opening Dec. 7

The Nehalem Bay Artists Coalition (NBAC) will host a Winter Exhibition from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7, through Sunday, Dec. 29 at the North County Recreation District (NCRD) Gallery. This new exhibition will feature 11 artists from the Nehalem Bay Artists Coalition, showing and selling arts from various mediums.

There will be an opening for the show from 3-5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7, at the NCRD. There will be refreshments and people can meet and talk with the artists during this time.

Janet Maher, who is also an artist in the exhibition, said this will be the NBAC’s first group show. The NBAC was established one year ago. A couple of the artists have had individual, local shows, Maher said.

“It is a variety of work,” Maher said of the exhibition. Maher said there is a variety of techniques and styles.

There will be ornaments and other seasonal items, ceramic plaques, and local themes. Prices of pieces will generally be around $100 or $200, depending on what it is. Ornaments will cost more.

“For our first show, we wanted to showcase individual styles,” Maher said.

Featured artists in this exhibition include:

Corinna Beuchet – ceramic plaques

Bev Cordova – oil painting

Shaukya Dekker – watercolor, prints

Christine Eagon – acrylic painting

Rebekah Lu – acrylic painting

Janet Maher – monotype prints, diorama, paper clay ornaments

Ahna Ortiz – encaustic painting and mixed media collage

Goldea See – oil painting

Karen LaGrave Small – oil painting

Chris Williams – oil painting, photography

Reeva Wortel – acrylic painting, pencil and ink

This show is displayed in an NCRD Gallery space, which is open to the public during regular business hours, excluding scheduled meetings in the space (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). This is a free exhibition. You can call in advance to ensure the space is open for viewing: 855-444-6273.

Artist Biographies

Corinna Beuchet has lived on the Pacific Coast for 40 years. She is self-taught and works on a variety of art, from oil painting to other media; from custom portraits of animals to plein air painting to ceramic jewelry to restoration of the Hoffman mural, to staining concrete patios. To start each day, rain or shine, along the surf with her three rescue dogs is a priority. Pickleball, Spanish, world music…movement…stillness too. To cherish all life, all creatures great and small, is a way of life. She is here to stay.

Bev Cordova is a studio artist and art educator with 30 year of experience in the field. Painting on canvas and working with clay, to create sculpture and pottery, allows her variety in artistic expression. In her most recent paintings, she is focused on storytelling. She tries to engage viewers with compelling clues found in the paintings. Using bold colors and movement, her goal is to remind the viewer of life experiences and allow them to tell their own story of what they see.

Shaukya Dekker, born in Holland and inspired by the realm of spirit, has passionately created art for more than 20 years. Her visionary work expresses a personal and collective process of healing and transformation. During a significant breakthrough in 2014, she gave up the brush and began painting with her hands, allowing powerful lighted energies to come directly through her on to the canvas.

Dekker’s creation proves is like a meditation in motion and entirely spontaneous. It often turns into a rather lively and wild adventure: She moves, dances, laughs, cries, sings, is loud and still. Her luminous paintings are often felt as a “living presence” and grace the homes and offices of many collectors in the United States and Europe.

On display are two high-quality fine art prints of Dekker’s visionary oil paintings. You will also find two original watercolor paintings from an earlier period from 2011.


Christine Eagon is a visual artist who is a second-generation Oregonian. Born in Hillsboro, she studied art and photography at Portland State University, Oregon College of Art and Craft, and graphic design at Clark College. Her paintings and photography are held in permanent collections, including the Board Museum Art at Michigan State University, at Oregon State University, and in numerous art collections in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Eagon lives in Rockaway Beach. She volunteers as a docent at the Historic U.S. Coast Guard Boathouse in Garibaldi. She is a lifelong sky watcher. She finds inspiration while observing the night sky and spectacular changes of light along ocean beaches. Her painting technique involves liquid acrylic and sea salt on handmade Fabriano Artistico paper. She creates enigmatic landscapes with mixed media worked into her fine art photographic substrates.

Rebekah Lu has been creating art for as long as she can remember. Her childhood was one of constant creativity, using whatever materials were at hand. She still enjoys working in a wide variety of media, including painting, drawing, wool and clay. In 2003, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from Marylhurst University in West Linn.

Recently, Lu left behind a professional career in Portland and realized a lifelong dream by moving to Rockaway Beach to focus on art and writing. When not creating art, she enjoys spending as much time as possible walking on the beach, watching seagulls frolic in the surf and exploring tide pools. During these excursions, her dog Annabelle enjoys gathering driftwood, which she carries home for use in her own “projects.”

Lu’s current body of work features playful acrylic paintings exploring the beauty and joy of the Oregon Coast and its wildlife.

Janet Maher has been creating all her life. Her background is in textile arts, printing, ceramic sculpture, mask making and paper mache. Her inspiration comes from folk tales, childhood stories, nature, her imagination and memories of her childhood spent on her grandparents’ farm.

“Most of my art is based on animals,” Maher said. “I combine ceramic sculpture, tins, boxes, and other found items to create hand puppets, animal figures, embroideries, miniature dioramas and folk animal portraits.”

Maher moved to the Oregon Coast 16 years ago. She lives in Nehalem, where she continues to live, create and listen to the rain.

Ahna Ortiz’s, who is a performer, writer and painter, gets much of her inspiration from long walks and gatherings from the bay and ocean beaches. Driftwood and found objects have played a major role in her artwork.

In addition to painting in oil and acrylic, most of Ortize’s paintings are created with molten, pigmented beeswax applied to the substrate with heated tools and brushes. Each layer of wax is then fused to the layers below with a torch flame. The wax hardens and cures to a durable, translucent and polishable finish. Her paintings on display at NCRD are created in this manner, known as encaustic paintings.

Ortiz’s work has been featured in shows as well as privately commissioned. She can be reached at [email protected], and welcomes visits to her Garibaldi studio.

Goldie See was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1953. She still enjoys the memory of sitting alone during the afternoon, drawing stories as her peers did their napping. She was educated extensively in her high school on the uses and techniques of oil painting, and attended both York Academy of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in early 70’s.

After she left school, See continued painting in Philadelphia. She showed in a few galleries at that time, one being The Painted Bride, but she maintained an ongoing exhibition of her work in the storefront of the building she rented at the time. In 1979, she moved to New York City and took advantage of many opportunities to show her work, both in professional galleries and “happening” type venues.

See’s work was reviewed the September 1983 “Arts Magazine,” following a two-person show at the Serra Felice Gallery. In 1989, she and her family moved to Washington state, where she kept painting, taught art and raised her daughter. She has recently begun making art again.

Karen LaGrave Small often says “I paint my life,” when asked what she paints. “Experiences lead to thoughts. Thoughts come out in my paintings as images and visual fragments. World events from the radio and seen in news programs or papers often mix with immediate experiences in my own world.

“I’m often surprised and informed by my paintings. A friend and art guide, Louis Mateo, expressed my experience clearly: ‘Art is a link between the known and the unkown.’”

LaGrave Small has been a painter since high school and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington State University. After receiving a master’s in Child and Family Studies, she worked as a child development specialist and painted on the side. Having more time in recent years, she’s been able to activate her artistic life including writing, drawing and painting full-time.

Christine Williams is a retired teacher and business owner. She attended college studying art and education at Western Oregon, Portland State, and Lewis and Clark and received her master’s at University of Oregon.

“Living in the Twin Rocks area of the coast is inspiring,” Williams said. “I do pottery, oil and enamel on canvas, and photography.

“I raised three boys on small farm in the foothills of the Cascades. It is good to get back to the coast and my new career as artist and beachcomber.

“I like working with a variety of mediums. All of my work is nature-based. As a lifelong learner and environmentalist, I share my vision of the beauty that surrounds us.”

Email: [email protected]

Reeva Wortel is a visual artist, performer, choreographer/director and teaching artist who creates narrative portrait-based projects that combine interviews, social commentary, performance and large-scale installation. Driven by a commitment to develop the technique of portraiture beyond its traditional limits, she has worked in communities as a social worker and teaching artist, honing a technique to narrate the individual stories of our time through her portraiture work, a process that involves in-depth interviewing, photography, painting, performance, dance and installation.

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