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Garibaldi planning commission discusses withdrawn development applications

The Garibaldi Planning Commission announced in a public notice that the continuance of a public hearing for Conditional Use Permit Application 2019-02 had been cancelled due to the application being withdrawn.
Hilary Dorsey
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The application was for consideration for conditional use for multi-family development in the R-1 and C-1 Zones by Paul Daniels. The property of the proposed complex was located on 501 Garibaldi Avenue on Highway 101. The complex would have included 2 two-bedroom units, 27 one-bedroom units, and 24 studio units.
The commission talked more about this at their regular meeting on Oct. 28. City Manager Geoff Wullschlager said the environmental impact study was the only study completed. The traffic impact study and a Geotech study were not completed in the timeframe needed.
Wullschlager said the public has the right to view full applications, which they wouldn’t have been able to if the applicant was able to submit the studies late. If an application comes in without the supplemental materials, it will be denied. The applicant would have to have additional studies done if they come back with a revised application. The application had been initially approved, waiting for the additional studies.
Commissioner Judith Parker asked if applicants can find information about what is needed beforehand. Parker points out that the Geotech and traffic studies were not submitted at the time of the last hearing in September.
“Is that too involved for a small city to tackle?” Parker asked. “Why isn’t there some way we can kind of shortcut it?”
Parker said the applicant should have more time to get information and ask for help, if they need it, from the city or county.
Wullschlager said the approval acts as an incentive to invest. The public needs time to review the studies’ information.
“We have guidance to offer incentives to any land use application,” Wullschlager said.
“We were very clear on what he needs to complete,” Wullschlager said of the applicant.
Parker asked what would happen if the height of the buildings were too tall. Wullschlager said the city engineer was onsite for the last project and that the numbers Daniels wrote down checked out. He also said that applicants will have to list scaled, measured height on examples.
On the subject of parking spots, Wullschlager said there is no statutory rule about the number needed for a unit. They do have to meet standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Wullschlager said the water system can handle three times the population now. The water system includes Barview.
Wullschlager pointed out that the comprehension plan says Garibaldi has reached its housing goal but does not limit it. The plan offers recommendations. Oregon has a lot of autonomy compared to other states, Wullschlager said. There is no law that says Garibaldi cannot have more multi-family housing.
Commissioner Nathan Findling asked if there is a fine line that separates fact and criteria.
Wullschlager said the city manager is only concerned about criteria. The commission reviews by looking at facts.
The setback standards are similar to the parking standards. The city can’t take away someone’s right to use their property, Wullschlager said.
“I don’t think our standards are overtly liberal or conservative,” Wullschlager said.

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