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Friends of NCRD holiday bulb sales

North County Recreation District
North County Recreation District

After a very successful sale of spring blooming bulbs, Friends of North County Recreation District have potted up all remaining bulbs and have them for sale. The bulb sales are one of the many projects Friends of NCRD has throughout the year in order to fulfill its Mission to raise and distribute funds which support (NCRD) North County Recreation District’s program and projects.

Spring blooming bulbs include tulips, daffodils, and Fritillaria Meleagris-commonly known as snake’s head. The earliest blooming of these bulbs would be the Dutch Master. This bulb is the most widely grown of the yellow trumpets. Like King Alfred before it, the Dutch Master has become the standard early yellow daffodil. Other tulips and daffodils will bloom anywhere from mid to late spring with the Fritillaria Meleagris blooming last. All bulbs are planted 10 to a container which will bring a stunning display of flowers this coming spring. The exception to this would be a few of our tulip containers which include 3 different colors of tulips – planted 8 to a container.

Friends has two other familiar planted bulbs. Paperwhites are fragrant white daffodils blooming indoors this winter. We have already put these paperwhites in vases and anticipate them blooming in 5-6 weeks. Also available will be potted amaryllis, a bulb bearing huge showy flowers. These amaryllis are expected to bloom in mid-January. Friends has only 12 of these bulbs available for sale. Half of them are white blooms brushed in red – with the other half being red blooms with narrow white flares. These bulbs are huge and will produce at least two stems, and most stems will yield four flowers.

All these potted bulbs will make great gifts for this upcoming holiday season. The spring blooming bulbs of course is the gift that keeps giving. The above bulbs come in a variety of prices from $10 to $35. Pictures of the bulbs will be displayed at the Welcome Center for the North County Recreation District located in Nehalem. If you would like pictures sent to you in an email, if you have questions please contact Patty at 503-368-6081 or 503-801-3534.

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