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Father Macdonald joins St. Mary by the Sea Catholic Church

Father Macdonald Akuti.
Father Macdonald Akuti. Submitted Photo

Fr. Macdonald Akuti hails from the Moyo District in the beautiful East African country of Uganda. The youngest of nine children, he grew up in a small village overlooking the Nile River. At a young age, he was moved by the power of the Eucharist and became interested in becoming a priest. Following secondary school, he pursued degrees in Philosophy and Theology at Apostles of Jesus Schools in Nairobi, Kenya, earning two undergraduate degrees. He made his final vows as a member of the Apostles of Jesus in 2010 and was ordained a priest in 2011.
For the first five years as a priest, Father Macdonald served as a teacher and vice-rector in seminaries in Tanzania and Uganda. Towards the end of 2016, Father Macdonald was sent to work as an Associate Pastor in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles at Holy Spirit and St. Mary Magdalen Parishes.
This year, Father Macdonald was assigned to serve as Parochial Vicar at St. Mary by the Sea Catholic Church in Rockaway Beach Oregon and arrived there on July 1st.
He wants to thank the community for welcoming him and to thank everyone for showing the welcoming and friendly spirit that St. Mary by the Sea is known for. He expects to learn and grow with the parishioners and community members, united in the love of Christ. He looks forward to sharing his love of the Gospel and serving as a good shepherd at St. Mary by the Sea.

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