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Forest Grove Outlaws to perform at San Dune Pub in Manzanita

Rural scuzz-rock band Forest Grove Outlaws (FGO) (from Forest Grove, Oregon) is coming to play in Manzanita from 9 p.m. to midnight Saturday, Nov. 9, at San Dune Pub.
Hilary Dorsey
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The band is touring in support of their new album, “Filthy Country” (Deer Lodge Records), which can be heard at: Band members are: Chad Long, Matt Stark, Brian Mejia, Troi Richards, David Rives, and Steven Petersen.
“They’re all pretty good songs,” FGO band member David Rives said. “A lot of people like ‘Get Down With An Outlaw.’”
FGO encompasses a truly unique sound, rooted in classic outlaw country while incorporating heavy rock ‘n’ roll riffs. Love, rebelliousness, and psychedelic adventures fuel their wide musical landscape.
Rives said there are some psychedelic songs on the album, especially “Blue Dream” and “Rainier.” Rives said “Highway Home” is a fan favorite that the band will probably make a video for.
“All the members have disparate backgrounds,” Rives said of the band. “Everyone brings something different.”
While the music has psychedelic elements, Rives said their inspiration comes from a lot of traditional music – pre 1980s.
FGO played in northern California last summer and had a great experience there. The band concentrates on playing smaller towns, rather than big cities that already get a lot of concerts.
“We sort of gravitate towards the smaller towns,” Rives said. “People seem much more excited to see a band.”
“We’re really excited to come to Manzanita,” Rives said.
Rives hopes people will come out. FGO is a good band to dance to and focuses on having good times.
You can also check FGO out at

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