Letter: Comment on Manzanita Letters

Thank you, Steve Nuttall and Mayor Scott for letting us know your opinions. The Manzanita City Council and Mayor were given 10 options to choose from by the PFAC (Public Facilities Advisory Committee) and you voted and approved the most expensive and biggest of all and even added to it. There were options of smaller projects, options of remodels, and options to phase us into building for the future for even more years, without putting us into huge long term debt. There are advantages and disadvantages of each, but we never had a chance to choose. Your choice was a huge, expensive building and it requires a $9.5M bond (including interest and bond issuance fees) and just after paying $2M (loan, interest, fees and down payment) putting us in debt for the land.
The Council and Mayor gave us no options, so I suggest we should call a time-out and do this right. Vote No, on putting us into more debt for 31 years, and raising our tax rate by another 119%.
I have included a link to the PFAC report for anyone who wants to see it:

Gerald Wineinger

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