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Rockaway Beach City Council talks projects, ordinances, Preparedness Fair

The Rockaway Beach City Council met on Wednesday, Sep. 11 at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The council had a moment of silence for 9/11 after the Pledge of Allegiance. The mayor, Sue Wilson, also said a few words.
Hilary Dorsey
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Ron Hemberry from Twin Rocks Sanitary District said that they have had a couple of people who move into a new house and sign up for water but didn’t know to sign up for sewer, which is with the Sanitary District in half of the city. He said that one woman owes thousands of dollars in payments for seven years because she hadn’t known to sign up for sewer.
“We would like you to email us when somebody comes in and signs up for water in the half of the city that allows us to and anyone who changes property,” Hemberry said. “A lot of people are changing homes and we send the bill and they get mad at us and I’m sure they get mad at you when you send a bill to the wrong person. What we are proposing is that you email us and we’ll email you when somebody makes a change in the district.”
Wilson said that this something she will take under advisement.
Patricia Jones, Rockaway Beach Community Preparedness Fair event coordinator, said that first responders will be at the fair. There will be raffles every 15 minutes. There will be light refreshments available to attend. The fair is on Wednesday, Sep. 18 from 6-8 p.m.
Parks and Recreation Director Melissa McCarty said the Carnival in the Park was a success.
“We raised over $3,000,” McCarty said.
The City Hall hours have changed to 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The mayor conducted a first reading of Ordinance No. 19-434, approving the partial vacation of Northeast 24th Avenue. This is the first reading of two readings; the second reading will be conducted at the next city council meeting. There was a motion passed to approve the title. This gives 8 ½ feet to the property owner.
Wilson then conducted a first reading of Ordinance No. 19-436, which regulates impact of noise on residents of Rockaway Beach. A citizen in the audience asked if this includes fireworks.
“There is a defined length of time the ordinance would not cover,” said Police Chief Charlie Stewart.
This length of time would be the week of the Fourth of July. Someone asked if there would be a time limit for fireworks. Stewart said that these fireworks are likely illegal in Oregon and would be taken under Oregon Revised Statutes.
The police said that he has had complaints of whistle of the train. The whistle is a legal requirement for crossing the intersection, since the railroad doesn’t have the arms that come down and block traffic from entering the railroad.
There was a motion to adopt the ordinance by title only. The motion was passed.
There was a first reading of Ordinance No. 19-437, which excluded individuals from city property. A motion was made to read it as corrected and adopt. The motion was passed. Someone from the audience asked why the city would exclude someone. The council said that it would be defined in the ordinance what they could be excluded for. The second reading will be at the next city council meeting. It takes three readings of an ordinance in Rockaway Beach before it is passed.
The next item was approval of a contract award to the lowest responsible bidder for Project 2019 Streets Improvement. The staff has issued a Notice of Intent to Award to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder. Council approval was needed to award the project.
The project includes a 3-inch asphalt overlay on sections of South Sixth Avenue, South Second Avenue, and South Quadrant Street. This project is scheduled to be completed in September or early October of this year.
There was also approval need of a contract award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for a replacement of the medium duty dump truck. This purchase was planned and discussed during the budget process. Funds have been appropriated in this year’s City budget for the purchase.
This dump truck will be a replacement for one that has been in service since 2000. The staff requested approval from the council to award the contract to the lowest bidder. The motion was passed.

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