Letter: What if?

This letter is in support of the Manzanita Community and Emergency Services Building but from the aspects of opportunity, timing and obligation. It does not advocate for any particular design. Manzanita’s citizens working together can do that well. We regularly visit Seattle. Each time we witness pieces of Seattle’s emerging light rail system. I find myself asking, “what if?” “What if” a proposed transit system had been approved in 1968 or again in 1970. What simplicity compared to today! Seattle missed its opportunity and is now rewarded with greatly increased costs, years of unnecessary congestion, commuting nightmares and fuel wastes. Manzanita moved decisively in acquiring the Underhill property. It’s now time to move to completion. Manzanita’s project, though miniscule compared to light-rail, has one big distinction – and that distinction involves lives and resiliency. It’s now up to us to choose whether, after the next subduction zone earthquake, people will be asking “what if?”.
John Hanby

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