Letter: The true minimum wage

If the economy is booming so well, why are almost all of the jobs listed at Work Source Oregon here in Tillamook County only paying $11.25-$14.00 an hour? When I graduated high school 50 years ago, I got a job that paid the then mnimum wage of $1.75 an hour. Back 50 years ago, I could purchase gasoline for 25 cents a gallon. A cup of coffee in a restaurant 10 cents. $1.75 could purchase 7 gallons of gasoline, 17 cups of coffee, 17 newspapers,17 candy bars. A new house 50 years ago cost $28,000 or 16000 hours of minimum wage pay. 16000 hours at $11.25 an hour today means a new house should cost $180,000. The average house in Portland, Oregon today is $400,000. $400,000 divided by 16,000 hours means that the minimum wage should be $25 an hour. 7 gallons of gasoline X $3.25=$22.75, 17 cups of coffee X $2.50=$42.50, 17 newspapers X $2.00=$34.00, 17 candy bars X $1.50=$25.50 By comparison to the purchasing power in 1969 to today, the minimum wage should be $22-$42 an hour. Every year we celebrate our graduating High School Seniors, yet we have failed to tell them that we have allowed them to graduate into a World where their labor is not valued. The value of graduating Seniors labor today is at least 50% less than graduating Seniors of 50 years ago. In the same 50 years, CEO pay has increased to an average of $14 Million a year. All of us honest, hard working tax payers have failed to protect our own wages and the wages of our Children and the wages of our Grand Children from being eroded consistently, methodically and relentlessly by coporate Republicans and coporate Democrate and CEO’s of Corporations who do not pay income taxes at all. We have failed to give our Children and our Grand Children the benefits of their honest labor and have deminished their futures, if not destroyed their futures completely. We are allowing the Republican Party, coporate Democrats and Donald Trump to destroy the lives and futures of our Children, our Grand Children and ourselves. All of this is simple math. The simple math that multi billionaire and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos does not want our Children to learn. I urge you to vote for representatives that are dedicated to making the lives of all Americans better, and not just those who are only interested in their own personal greed. The Constitution is what makes America Great, not a red hat made in China. 60% of wealth in America today is inherited. These wealthy people did not earn their wealth. If Republicans really want to make America great, they should share their good fortune and pay their fair share of taxes.

Richard Teerman
Rockaway Beach

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