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Letter: Here comes City Council. Grab your wallets!

Manzanita City Council has a plan to build a new City Hall with features that far exceed current needs at an unknown cost on expensive land.
This would be Manzanita’s most expensive building. Council chambers would be larger than the current City Hall. City Council will try to convince you Manzanita should be an area emergency center to scare you into approval. They will say your already low taxes will just go up a little.
They will not tell you about TANSTAAFL, that is, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!
— You, property owners, are already in debt on this project. Council already overpaid for the Underhill property, adding $300,000 interest to your bill. THat does not count an unrecognized $400,000 environmental demolition cost to remove the building in their plan.
— City Council will ask for bonding authority for up to $6.5 million for up to 31 years. They don’t mention the additional $3.5 million in interest costs you will be paying. Don’t worry, second homeowners will pay most of the costs and they don’t get to vote. Interest rates are low. What better time to buy something you don’t need.
— The $6.5 million is just a guess from an architect for the new structure. It doesn’t include land costs, demolition costs, environmental costs, site improvement costs, offsite improvement costs, furnishings, systems, operating costs, permits, etc. You will need to pay for them later.
— You will hear you can pass the costs years and years down the road to your children.
— You will not hear that if you kept your money and invested it for your retirement the average homeowner would save $25,000 over the same time period.
— Of course you can demand more transparency, more options, including less expensive remodeling options, or less expensive smaller building options, real construction estimates and a complete budget.
As is, there are no options to this plan. Or, voters, are there?

Will Stone

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