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Emergency radio classes in Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach Emergency Management is conducting emergency radio classes.

There are two classes in the series: EMCOM 101 will instruct you on how to operate the emergency radio, and EMCOM 102 instructs you on how to use the radio in an emergency or disaster. The radios used in the class are a two-way radio with 128 programmable channels. The classes, EMCOM 101 and EMCOM 102 are two hours long.

The classes are free, and the radios are $45 each. The radios come with the extended battery, extended and stubby antennas, programming specific to the Rockaway Beach area and have an 8-watt transmitting power. For amateur radio operators, the radios can be programmed with the HAM channels.

You are committing to sign-up for both classes, a week or two apart, which are held on a Saturday for your convenience. Practice call-ins are conducted on Sundays at 6 p.m. which are designed to give you the skills that you will need to operate your radio in an emergency or disaster. The organizers are short of funds so please make sure if you sign-up that you plan on attending because they cannot afford to carry an inventory of radios.

When an emergency or disaster of significance hits our area, chances are that cell or landline service will not be available. The radio will assist you on getting help for yourself, your family and your neighbors. The classes are not difficult. If you can operate a cell phone, you will be able to use a radio.

If you have an interest in the classes and want to sign-up, please send an email to [email protected] confirming your interest. When there are 10 people that want to attend, a class will schedule a class at that time.

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