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OHA announces contracts to coordinated care organizations

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) announced its intent to award contracts to the coordinated care organization that, for the next five years, will manage health care services for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members.

Hilary Dorsey
[email protected]

CareOregon’s own CCO, Columbia Pacific CCO, received word that OHA intends to renew its contract to continue administering managed Medicaid health coverage for its 24,000 members along the northern coast of Oregon.

CareOregon is a nonprofit community benefits company involved in health plan services, reforms, and innovations since 1994. The nonprofit serves more than 275,000 Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid and Medicare members.

“We have a strong network of providers who partner with us for clinical innovation and integration and we work closely with members and community leaders to develop and implement our five-year Regional Health Improvement Plan,” said Columbia Pacific CEO Mimi Haley in a press release. “These partnerships are critical in propelling us ever forward to realize health transformation and investments in our rural communities. We are achieving excellent outcomes and integrated, coordinated care for our members.”

Haley added that Columbia Pacific CCO is the only CCO serving northern coastal Oregon.

“Our work in rural, northwest Oregon brings to light the importance of whole person health, whether our services are for physical or behavioral or dental health,” said Eric C. Hunter, President and CEO of CareOregon. “This work well serves the thousands of managed Medicaid patients in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook Counties, and we are as committed as ever to improving the health among our most vulnerable neighbors.”

As the new CCO 2.0 emerges, Columbia Pacific CCO and its providers will continue their commitment to improving patient experience, improving population health and reducing costs. Additionally, Columbia Pacific CCO is addressing the social determinant of health, including disparity and accessibility of care.

“The work we’ve done together with our CCOs and partners, and that CareOregon has been doing since before CCOs were created, makes us well positioned to implement the policy goals that define CCO 2.0,” said Hunter. “We know that we will succeed in achieving these goals, because they are the right thing to do, and we have been working on them for years. This is our 25th anniversary year, and based on that experience, we expect to continue to meet and exceed the expectation our members and our friends and neighbors have had for us, for at least the next 25.”

The new contracts will be effective January 1, 2020.