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Four rescued from rip current in Rockaway Beach

Photo by Adam Brecht.

Just before 6 p.m. on Monday, July 8, the Rockaway Beach Fire Department (RBFD) responded to a water rescue call off of N 6th Avenue. After a short visual search, four victims were located approximately 100 yards beyond the beach after being pulled out by a rip current.

According to Chief Vincent of RBFD, people went out to try to save the three initial individuals who were stuck. One of these people is believed to be a mother. She got trapped out there as well while trying to rescue the victims.

The RBFD’s unmanned surface vehicle (USV) was used to rescue the individuals. The USV is a remote-control rescue boat with a rope. This vehicle was deployed and available for the victims to grab hold of as they were pulled to shore. All four victims were successfully rescued with its use.

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