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Wheeler community picnic slated for July 6

Looking for a family fun option for Saturday of the Independence Day holiday weekend? Bring your picnic basket and lawn chairs, meet new friends, have some fun, while celebrating our freedom and the picturesque town of Wheeler.

Billed as a city-wide picnic for all ages, Wheeler locals and guests are invited to pack that picnic basket and come to Wheeler’s Upper Park from 4-6pm on Saturday, July 6th. Sponsors will provide hot dogs and ice cream, games and fun, informative displays.

The event is an opportunity for local residents to get to know one another better while offering useful, interesting information to help people understand what the City can (and can’t) do to help in large-scale emergencies caused by road closures, weather, tsunami, fire or earthquake. Information will be available to support families in becoming better prepared.

Topics include ‘Emergency Camping’ at Home, How to Create an Emergency ‘Grab and Go’ Bag, Caring for Pets, Where to Go, How to Get Official Information, Finding Safe Shelter, Emergency Water and Sanitation. Attendees will be able to inspect the City’s new emergency InStove (which will be used to cook the hot dogs), the new “AquaMundo” emergency water purification system, the contents of the new Neighborhood Blue Barrels and register to win a prize drawing for an emergency Go Bag.

Organized by the Wheeler Citizen Emergency Preparedness Planning Group in partnership with the City of Wheeler and the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay, the event highlights the value of working together to prepare for the inevitable weather events and natural disasters that can affect our rural area. Wheeler Mayor, Stevie Burden, spoke directly to why it’s important for every household and neighborhood to prepare for emergencies.

“We’re really blessed to have robust support from the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay which has been leading the way in helping us to better understand and address the host of issues that emergencies can present. And while our small town is doing what we can with very limited resources, we know that our greatest resource is our community, and our willingness to care for one another if the need arises. If there’s a regional disaster, emergency services will be directed toward the big population centers, so folks in small towns like Wheeler may be on their own for quite a while. There are many small things that we can do as individuals and families, but perhaps the most important thing is simply to know our neighbors. And knowing our neighbors can make life in Wheeler better and more fulfilling every day.”

The Upper Park is located just off Hospital Road, near the Rinehart Clinic in Wheeler. Red, white and blue picnic attire is optional. Pets on a leash are welcome. An amazing view, ample parking, and play equipment will be provided.

All are welcome.

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