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UPDATE: Paraglider dies after ocean crash

Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 207.

A Beaverton man is dead after a fatal paragliding crash at the coast.

Crews from the Netarts Oceanside Fire District and U.S. Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay were dispatched moments after 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 2, to a paraglider reported to be down on the rocks between Cape Lookout State Park and Cape Lookout.

Reports from bystanders and other paragliders with radio communications said the individual went down south of the Cape Lookout State Park. The victim was found in a remote area that could only be accessed by water rescue crews, according to a report from Netarts Oceanside Fire District.

A water rescue team made first contact with the victim, finding him at the water’s edge unconscious. A fire district rescue swimmer was able to access the victim but was unable to transfer to him to a rescue ski due to the victim being entangled by parasail ropes and needing the assistance of a Coast Guard rescue swimmer.

Two rescuers were able to cut the victim free after a few moments and transferred him to a rescue wave runner, where he was rushed to shore to awaiting crews that transferred him to an ambulance for transport to Adventist Health Tillamook Hospital.

Oregon State Police (OSP) identified 44-year-old Gary B. Mudrow of Beaverton as the paraglider. Witnesses and a friend of Mudrow indicated when that when he took off he appeared to be too low. The friend tried to radio him.

Mudrow’s paraglide reportedly crashed into the ocean. He was seen attempting to use the paraglide as a flotation device. The witness landed on the beach but could no longer see Mudrow.

Mudrow was found and brought to shore by Netarts Oceanside Fire. He was not breathing or unconscious. CPR was started, and he was taken to the local hospital, where he was pronounced dead at approximately 7 p.m., according to OSP.