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Things are getting Wild in Manzanita

Natasha Stevens says that impromptu dance parties are the norm at Wild Grocery.
Chelsea Yarnell
Guest Contributor
Formerly, Mother Nature’s, Stevens purchased the grocery store this spring and has put her own twist on it. She’s rearranged the merchandise, added a café, and dining area.
After working at nearly every place in the three villages over the last 20 years (Stevens said with a smile), she know what this community needed: a hangout place.
“I was nervous that people would be distraught about the change,” Stevens said. “But people here have said it looks like it’s always been this way. They’re thankful to have this space.”

Stevens said her team is focusing on local products and producers, while bringing a variety of grocery options to market. But, don’t worry she’s kept local favorites like the spice drawers and supplements.
“If we got rid of something, tell me and we’ll bring it back,” Stevens said.
The biggest change to the store has been the addition of the kitchen and café.
Focusing on salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps, the café is what Stevens calls a “community effort kitchen.”
“All of us are back in the kitchen getting creative and filling the shelves with food,” said Stevens.
They also note that Wild is one of the few places in the area that prepares meals that are 100 percent organic, and utilizing what is available in the area.
Customers are also able to order Fair Trade espresso, sip juice through a wheat steam straw, or enjoy Wild’s wide variety of wine, ciders, and beer.
But what’s the biggest question Wild Grocery gets?
Who did your logo? Deer Island.
“T-shirts, trucker hats, and totes will be arriving soon,” said Stevens.
Wild Grocery is located at 298 Laneda Ave; open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm.

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