Dirt biker seriously injured while riding in Tillamook State Forest

Emergency crews responded to a popular off-road recreation area in the Tillamook State Forest after a dirt biker crashed, suffering serious injuries.
Cody Mann
[email protected]
At around 1:20 p.m. on Monday, June 17, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue along with Banks Fire District were dispatched to an unknown medical call in the general area of the Browns Camp off of Wilson River Highway, also known as Oregon Highway 6.
Dispatchers said they were only able to get a general area and that someone needed help due to minimal cell phone coverage in the area. Before more information could be obtained the call was dropped. Around 25 minutes later, crews arrived and learned that a person had crashed on their dirt bike, which was down a trail.
Crews drove in about three miles on forest roads to the trail. They then hiked around a half-mile to the patient’s location with their medical gear, assessing the patient and administering treatment as well as medications.

Crews then carried the patient back out to the closest road, where a Life Flight helicopter was waiting to take the seriously injured rider to a trauma hospital in Portland. From time of dispatch until Life Flight lifted off from the scene was almost two hours.
A statement from Forest Grove Fire & Rescue said if you plan to go recreate in wilderness areas, have a set plan of where you’re going and make sure family or friends have knowledge of this. Knowing specific trails that you’ll be using can greatly help emergency crews respond in these natural areas that have many roads and trails that aren’t marked with names.
Forest Grove Fire & Rescue was assisted on scene by Banks Fire District, Oregon Department of Forestry (Forest Grove Unit), Metro West Ambulance and Life Flight Network.