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Cloud & Leaf bookstore sold

Jody Swanson says it’s time to for the next chapter of her life to start.
The beloved community member and owner of Cloud & Leaf bookstore has sold the business.

Chelsea Yarnell
Guest Contributor
“I am really proud of what Cloud & Leaf has become, and I am so grateful to everyone who has passed through it,” Swanson said. “I am lucky to live in a place that can sustain and appreciate an independent bookstore. But the bookstore and I have reached a point where we have to let go of each other so we can see what else will happen.”
In 2003, Swanson and her late husband, Mark, were living in Manzanita and desperate to create a space for themselves.
“My late husband was a part of inspiration,” Swanson said. “He was writing a lot of poetry. The only way to survivor it seemed was to create our own place. We each cared so much about books and writing.”
So, they found a space, a loan, had shelves built, ordered books, and figured out a name.
“We established something that is really important to me,” Swanson said.
This past January, Swanson felt it was time to move on. After briefly mentioning her desire to sell the business, she found a buyer within a week.
“The lovely Deborah Reed and her husband, Robert Kelleher, have purchased the store and will be taking over on July 1,” said Swanson. “I think she’ll continue and maintain what I’ve tried to do.”
The community is invited to a goodbye celebration for Swanson on Sunday, June 30 at 3 pm at the Cloud & Leaf bookstore.
Swanson isn’t sure what the next chapter in life will look like, but she knows what she’ll be reading: “There There” by Tommy Orange or “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong.