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Police investigate shooting threat at Seaside High

Criminal charges are pending for a student who allegedly threatened a school shooting in Seaside.

On Tuesday, May 14, Seaside Police Department investigated the threat of a school shooting that was planned to occur the next day. A lone juvenile suspect allegedly sent an email warning to several Seaside High School students warning them not to come to school on Wednesday as there would be a school shooting.

A message recipient immediately reported the threat to high school administrators who then called the Seaside Police Department. The student who sent the threat was contacted, interviewed and admitted to sending the message threatening the school shooting, according to a statement from the City of Seaside.

Police said the suspect denied any intention to carry out the threat and claimed threat was made because of frustration over an unknown reason. An investigation did not discover any known access to firearms, and there was no indication that other students were involved. The suspect’s parents were reportedly very concerned about the threat and have been cooperating with the investigation.

The suspect was not taken into custody but was suspended from school pending further administrative action which may include expulsion. Criminal charges for the alleged threat will be forwarded to the Clatsop County Juvenile Department and Clatsop County District Attorney’s Office for review upon completion of the investigation.

Seaside School District sent an email to parents after the suspect was contacted by police stating there was no belief that a threat to students and staff remained. Seaside High School and the Seaside Police Department agreed to have uniformed presence and extra patrols at the school throughout the day as an added measure of precaution.

The statement from the City said the ability to stop a threat and possible tragedy starts with those who see or hear something and then report it.

“This threat was able to be investigated and the suspect contacted within three hours of the message being sent because someone had the courage to say something when they knew they had seen or heard something suspicious or threatening,” the statement said. “Thank you to those students who reported a serious safety concern and threat to our community.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Detective Knight with the Seaside Police Department at (503) 738-6311.

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