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Crab Derby set for charity

Kelly and Damian Laviolette are hosting the Nehalem Bay Crab Derby June 1 at Jetty Fishery and Kelly’s Marina.

Organizers at Kelly’s Marina and Jetty Fishery are joining forces to raise money for three nonprofits in the area doing what they love. Crabbing.

Kelly and Janice Laviolette, owners of Kelly’s Marina and his brother Damian Laviolette and his wife Teah owners of the Jetty Fishery, are hosting The Nehalem Bay Crab Derby June 1st from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with plenty of cash and prizes and fun up for grabs.

The entry fee is only $10 and the event is on the free camping and fishing weekend hosted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, so there are no excuses to not get out and drop a crab pot for charity.

Benefiting from the derby is the Rockaway Beach Lions Club, the Wildlife Center of the North Coast and the Mudd Nick Foundation.

“We have to be stewards of the area,” Kelly said overlooking the bay from his marina between Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach. “Our parents instilled that into us and our grandparents instilled that into them.”

Kelly and Damian are tagging 26 crab at each location and if you catch a tagged crab, you are in the drawing for the cash. The brothers said that cash prizes will be awarded at each marina, so you have double the odds, but each ticked could win a prize drawing so there will be lots of winners.

“My brother and mom are founders of this event,” Damian said. “They had the vision, I bought the Jetty Fishery from mom last fall so I’m excited to be helping host the derby this year.”

The event has been going on for the past 15 years according to Kelly. “It’s a good day to spend time with the family, put the phone down and get outside,” he said. “We used to do the derby on Father’s Day, early on we called it ‘Dads and Crabs.’”

Today the brothers who own competing marinas and fishing businesses, really don’t look at each other as foes, but partners in the tourism business.

“We support each other and want to give back to the community,” Damian said. “This is a great way for us to do that.”

You can purchase tickets at either marina and enjoy a family day of crabbing.