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Join the Rockaway Beach Volunteers in Police Service

2018 Volunteer of the Year David Elkins. Photo: Rockaway Beach Police Department

Are you interested in serving and protecting your community?

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) is a volunteer organization committed to assisting the Rockaway Beach Police Department in enhancing community safety by uniting volunteers and police department staff.

The goals include forming a mutual partnership whereby volunteers enhance existing department services, allowing staff to perform other required duties. There is also the goal of placing volunteers in positions that best utilize their abilities, talents and interests, while offering a rewarding challenge and developing new skills.

Additionally, VIPS aims to improve community relations by providing the public the opportunity to become more familiar with the services furnished by the department as well as a better understanding of the department’s day-to-day operations.

On April 20, the Rockaway Beach Police Department hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. For twelve years, the VIPS members have given countless hours of their own time towards keeping the Rockaway Beach Police Department front doors open during business hours, providing information and assistance to anyone that come in.

This saves the City an estimated $133,000 in wages and benefits annually. A statement from the Rockaway Beach Police Department called the contribution to the City of Rockaway Beach, the police department, and the citizens immeasurable.

At the annual dinner, a Volunteer of the Year award is presented to the volunteer that combines time given to the police department as well as their impact within the police department office and community.

David Elkins was announced as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year. He not only gave hundreds of hours of his time to the police department, he has worked tirelessly to promote disaster preparedness in the area.

Elkins attends classes nearly every month to increase his knowledge and then in turn brings that learning back to Rockaway. He is involved in the CERT program, the yellow radio, emergency preparedness and brings decades of experience in law enforcement and firefighting/rescue operations to the area.

If you are interested in helping prepare your home, neighborhood and community for response to disasters of any size, please email [email protected].

If you would like to learn more about the VIPS program, or become a volunteer yourself, please feel free to contact Chief Stewart at the Rockaway Beach Police Department or by phone at (503) 374-1726.

Contact a member of the Volunteer Leadership Team:

David Elkins 541-993-0800

Dottie Shyduik 503-355-3304

Louise Kaiser 503-355-2180

Myrna Riley 503-355-2350