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Salmonberry Saloon honored for ocean-friendly approach

The Salmonberry Saloon in Wheeler recently received two national awards for its ocean-friendly business practices, according to a report from Visit Tillamook Coast.
The James Beard Foundation named the restaurant a “Smart Catch Leader,” making it one of 11 restaurants in Oregon to receive the designation, and the first on the Oregon Coast. Smart Catch is an educational seafood program created by chefs to increase the sustainability of the seafood supply chain. More than 90 percent of the world’s fisheries are either fully fished or overfished.
“We are so proud to be recognized by the James Beard Foundation for our focus on sustainable seafood sourcing,” Salmonberry Saloon owner Chantelle Hylton said.
“Oregonians are fortunate to have the gorgeous Pacific Ocean right in our backyard, and to have access to such fresh fish, crab, clams and other seafood,” Hylton said. “As a restaurant owner on the Oregon Coast, protecting the environment and sourcing food sustainably is of utmost importance.”
To become a Smart Catch Leader and retain the status, restaurants must:

-Complete at least three assessments in the calendar year
-Score 80% or higher on back-to-back assessments
-Have two or fewer “Red” items
-Have 8% or less “Red” volume
-Have no items listed as “Endangered” according to the IUCN Red List of

Threatened Species

“Chef Charles Lutka comes from highly regarded seafood-centric restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Marea in New York City, so preparation is as thoughtful as sourcing,” Hylton said.
Salmonberry Saloon received a perfect score, making the restaurant a national leader for the Smart Catch program, according to the Visit Tillamook Coast report. Two other restaurants outside of Portland also made the list for the first time, including Marché in Eugene, and Sybaris Bistro in Albany.
“We’re lucky to have restaurants like Salmonberry Saloon on the Tillamook Coast, where we are focused on sustainable ocean harvest practices that help protect our environment,” said Nan Devlin, director of tourism for Visit Tillamook Coast.
Salmonberry Saloon is among 60 businesses on the North Coast Food Trail, which features farms, farmers’ markets, breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants, cooking schools, guided tours and experiences, lodging and retail stores.
Salmonberry Saloon also recently became the first Oregon Coast restaurant to receive the Surfrider Designation as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant. Participating restaurants must follow these five criteria:

-No expanded polystyrene use (aka Styrofoam)
-Proper recycling practices are followed
-Only reusable tableware is used for onsite dining, and disposable utensils for takeout food are provided only upon request
-No plastic bags offered for takeout or to-go orders
-Straws are provided only upon request

They must also follow at least two of these criteria:

-No beverages sold in plastic bottles
-Discount is offered for customers with a reusable cup, mug, bag, etc.
-Vegetarian/vegan food options are offered on a regular basis
-All seafood must be a ‘Best Choice’ or ‘Good Alternative’ as defined by Seafood Watch or certified as sustainable
-Water conservation efforts, such as low-flow faucets and toilets, are implemented
-Energy efficiency efforts such as LED lighting and Energy Star appliances are in place

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