Rockaway Beach mayor to resign

Rockaway Beach Mayor Joanne Aagaard has announced her resignation. – Photo: Facebook

Citing health concerns, Rockaway Beach Mayor Joanne Aagaard announced her impending resignation in a letter dated March 25 that was addressed to city officials.

“I am sure all of you have noticed my weight loss over the last six months,” Aagard wrote in the letter. “The good news is I do not have cancer. The bad news is I have Stage 3 kidney disease, which appears to be getting worse.”

Aagaard expressed support for appointing Councilor Nathan Beeman as the new mayor in the letter, adding that in her opinion Rockaway Beach needs to “bring in the younger members of the community for their new ideas.”

“This could be a start,” Aagaard wrote. She also thanked the council and city manager for supporting her during her tenure.

In the letter, Aagaard said her final meeting as mayor would be on April 10 and that she would officially resign from office on April 11. City Manager Terri Michel confirmed that Aagaard would be retiring from office and said a new mayor would be appointed.

The process for the appointment is currently being worked out, Michel said.