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Hoffman Center brings in pair of guest speakers

At this month’s Art of Dying program, Kathleen Moore will facilitate a conversation on Death and Dying. The event will be held Wed. March 27, 3-5 p.m at Hoffman Center for the Arts, 594 Laneda Ave., Manzanita. Admission is $5.
Every few months the Art of Dying session will hold space for discussions about life, death and dying. We will gather round to explore being ‘conversant’ and in touch with each other regarding our lives and our deaths. We can learn from being ‘in conversation’ with our friends and neighbors.
Who might need to know about our situations at various times? What do others in our community deem important about their deaths or their family’s well-being or their concerns or plans for their home itself. Who do you call? Who can you call on? What can we gain from and give to one another in a simple yet profound conversation about ourselves, our wishes, and our hopes for our lives and our deaths.
Various members of the Art of Dying committee will facilitate these discussions. For your planning purposes, another Conversation on Death and Dying will be held June 26 with more to be scheduled in the summer and fall.

Art of Aging

Dr. Alice Scannell will talk about resilience skills and obstacles to resilience, drawing from her book Radical Resilience: When There’s No Going Back to the Way Things Were, for the Art of Aging Series at Hoffman Center for the Arts, in Manzanita, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, from 3-5 p.m. There is a $5 fee.
Do you want to be able to come through hard times, difficult experiences, or your own aging without losing your verve for life? With your sense of self intact? As we age, we face inevitable changes to our lives, changes outside our control. We have to learn to live with a new normal, to bounce back. Scannell will talk about obstacles to resilience as well as several ways we can practice resilience in our daily lives.
“There are other books on resilience, but they imagine returning to life as it was. This book offers ways to think, plan, and act to get to a solid new yet familiar ‘you.’” – George Ivan Smith
“Easy to read, easy to apply! Great examples of people who have chosen to overcome life’s obstacles. As a clinical social worker, I recommend this book to anyone in life changing circumstances, whether temporary or permanent.” – Elizabeth M. Moss
Scannell’s doctoral studies were in Gerontology. She’s interviewed many older people, their caregivers, and family members and led workshops on communication skills, successful aging, and transitions in later life. As a priest in the Episcopal Church, she served as a board-certified healthcare chaplain and pastor in a small parish. With years of research and interviews, she’s identified 10 skills that help us practice resilience.
Further information is available at online or contact Tela Skinner at [email protected].