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NCRD preps for 29th annual Pool-A-Thon

Nehalem Elementary School swimmers are looking for donors for this year’s Pool-A-Thon on Feb. 16. – Courtesy Photo

It is Pool-A-Thon time again and hard to believe it is the 29th annual fundraiser!
The proceeds from the NCRD Pool-A-Thon support the NCRD/Nehalem Elementary School Swim and Water Safety Awareness Program, which have existed in some form since 1930.
At that time the school district was planning an addition to the school in Nehalem. The drowning of two local teenage boys prompted the community to ask the school district to add a natatorium. Even though it was during the great depression, there was overwhelming community support to teach every child how to swim to avoid future tragedies.
88 years later, in this area surrounded by water and dominated by water related recreation, we continue to accomplish our mission of providing swim instruction and water safety to all Nehalem Elementary Students. The goal has been to offer a safe environment where the students can learn to swim, and be educated in water safety, while instilling the value of swimming as a lifetime skill and healthy recreational activity. The skills they learn in the pool could save their life or the life of another.
The NCRD School Swim Program reaches out to every Nehalem Elementary Student Kindergarten through fifth Grade. This also includes the NKN District #56 adaptive Swim Program.
Historically, our community has accomplished something extraordinary in financially sponsoring students who are swimming laps for dollars during Pool-A-Thon.
By pledging money, or making a donation to a student swimmer, you can help guarantee all the children will continue to benefit from this vital and historic program.
We each can play an important role in maintaining our community’s essential values, and your generous investment in the Swim Program will make a direct and immediate impact.
Participating kids will be canvassing throughout the community Jan. 18 through Feb. 23 looking for sponsors who will pledge dollars for their swimming efforts.
The Pool-A-Thon event raises a substantial amount of funds necessary to keep the NCRD/Nehalem Elementary Swim Program afloat.
Donors pledge student swimmers a flat rate or a specific amount for each length of the pool the student swims.
The big event is held on a Saturday, thus providing the kids a venue to showcase their fine tuned swim skills for supportive family and friends!
The Saturday following the Pool-A-Thon, the swimmers are rewarded with a celebratory party for their dedication to the cause.
The NCRD’s 29th annual Pool-A-Thon is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019.