Community Opinion

Letter: My Most Sincere Thank You to our community

The Lower Columbia River Chief Petty Officer Association (LCR CPOA) extends our members gratitude to the entire North Coast. The community’s residents embraced the LCR CPOA chapter with donations that we were able to distribute to families associated with Coast Guard units in southern Washington including Grays Harbor, Cape Disappointment and Kennewick, and northern Oregon communities including Garibaldi, Portland as well as right here in the Astoria/Warrenton/Seaside area.

The shutdown event and this community’s response has defined what Coast Guard City really means. North Coast residents rallied behind the LCR CPOA chapter with its generous financial donations as well as tremendous support for the “Be the Light Food Panty” all in the name of assisting our Coasties during the government shutdown. The CPOA used your donations to provide immediate grants for recipients to pay bills and gift card disbursement to USCG members that needed to make ends meet. With continuing resolution signed for the next three weeks we are cautiously optimistic that things will return normal. Ever in the shadow of stalled legislation, if the government remains unfunded the LCR CPOA chapter will continue to work to provide Coast Guard members and other federal employees in need, grants and donations to assist them as we continuing to serve the public.

The vision of the LCR CPOA is to continue to represent the richest traditions of service through assisting active duty Coast Guard members in difficult situations, as well as integrating and interfacing with our North Coast community through fund raising projects, donations to community organizations, continued support to local schools, and funding our established scholarship at Clatsop Community College.

There are so many businesses and residents that I want to thank, and I will work towards that individually in the near term. For the community I extend my deepest thank you from the LCR CPOA. Your support for our group is appreciated. 

Matthew Gerber

Senior Chief