Protect Your Home & Property from Wildfires: Lessons Learned from the California Fires

Tillamook County Emergency Management – Join us on Tuesday, January 29th, 1pm at the Manzanita Pine Grove!

Chief Perry Sherbaugh, Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue, and Ed Wallmark, Oregon Department of Forestry, will discuss some very simple ways to protect your home from fire – ahead of time!

How can YOU prepare to minimize the chances a wildfire will spread to your home?

Lessons Learned from the California Wildfires

Although many of our discussions deal with hypothetical situations, it is sometimes helpful to look at actual disasters to see if we can learn a lesson or two. The horrific 2018 wildfires in California are a sobering reminder of what can happen when conditions are right. The Oregon Coast shares some similarities with Northern California – so let’s examine some of the details that could help us be better prepared.

Some Similarities between Our Region and the Northern California town of Paradise:

– Adjacent to large wooded areas with uneven terrain

– Subject to extreme winds at times

– Can go long periods without rainfall(with potential to get more extreme with climate change)

– Paradise residents’ median age is 57

– Few roadways to use for escape routes

– And in thinking of the Malibu fires, even being next to the ocean did not save homes there.

– Some fundamental take-aways from the fires:

The scale of the California fires is probably much larger than we would experience here. But those experiences provide increased awareness of how to handle similar events. Ask yourself the following questions and – if needed – take action on these few basic ways to prepare for any local emergency – including wildfires:

– Have you registered your cell phone on Tillamook’s warning 911system? (You MUST individually register your cell number; your home phone is automatically registered.) To register cell phones click here: Reverse 911 link to sign up

– Do you have a GoBag in your car and at home

– Do you have a family plan and a person outside of the area you can text

– Do you know at least 2 exit routes from both home and work?

Remember Disasters Happen….Be Prepared!

To learn more, join us for this special Nehalem Bay event on January 29!

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