No leads for woman who went missing in Nehalem

Carmen Quintana, 59, has been missing since November of 2018.

Missing since November of this past year, there is still no trace of a 59-year-old woman who disappeared from the Nehalem area.
Cody Mann
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Tillamook County Sheriff Andy Long said the agency has exhausted most of its leads in searching for Carmen Quintana, though her case remains opens at this time. Long said some “minor mental health issues” might have played a role in Quintana’s disappearance.
Quintana apparently went missing without warning, leaving no clues behind as to her intention or destination. Nobody has reported seeing her at the time she disappeared or since. Without much to go on, the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office searched the areas surrounding Quintana’s Nehalem-area residence on Highway 53.
Long said several extensive searches were made in the weeks following the disappearance. Detectives tried to zero-in on Quintana’s possible movements, and search and rescue teams scoured the wooded areas along Highway 53. Both came up empty-handed. Family members have also searched in vain for the missing woman.
Quintana reportedly did not own a car, so searches have focused primarily on the notion that she either walked away from her residence or got into a vehicle with another person.
While the case remains open, without new information it’s essentially at a standstill. It is possible that additional searches will be conducted in the future. For example, search and rescue training could be done with Quintana as a focus.
“We’ve done as much as we can up to this point,” Long said.
The mountainous and forested areas of Tillamook County are part of the challenge when a person goes missing locally. Some terrain is too remote or covered by tree canopies for even drone observation to be possible, other areas can be too dangerous for a walking search.
Quintana’s daughter Jennifer said she doesn’t know who saw Carmen last or what she was wearing when she disappeared, adding that her mom has never been out of contact for a prolonged period of time. Jennifer said family members, search teams, three dogs, a drone, and a boat was used in search efforts along Highway 53.
Jennifer said her mother would not simply disappear. She cited alcohol addiction and mental health issues as possibly affecting her mother’s state of mind.
“We are hoping and praying to find her safe,” Jennifer said. “It just doesn’t make sense, and someone somewhere knows something.”
If you know of Carmen Quintana’s possible whereabouts or think you have seen her, please contact the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office at 503-815-1911.