New State House Representative Tiffiny Mitchell Sworn In

Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell (D-Astoria) was sworn in last Monday along with other state House members. She replaces longtime Rep. Deborah Boone, who retired at the conclusion of her term.

“I want to thank Rep. Boone for her decades of service to the North Coast,” Rep. Mitchell said. “I look forward to carrying forward her dedication to her constituents and her commitment to the many communities of House District 32.”

Rep. Mitchell will be a member of the House Committee on Health Care as well as the House Committee on Human Services and Housing.

“I know how difficult the lack of housing on the North Coast is and how different the crisis is here compared to the I-5 corridor.” Rep. Mitchell said. “We will be tackling housing this session and I am going to work towards housing solutions that work for the North Coast.”

Rep. Mitchell plans to introduce legislation that would reduce caseloads in the Department of Human Services Child Services division.

“As things are, Child Welfare has been rightfully tasked with extraordinarily high standards in caring for Oregon’s vulnerable kids, but with shrinking resources and larger, more complex caseloads,” explains Rep. Mitchell. “This is especially true in my district, where I saw the pressures firsthand. There are common sense changes that we can make to improve Child Services, along with the partnership of leaders and front line workers within DHS, so that the most vulnerable kids in our communities have a fair shot at leading a good life.”

Rep. Mitchell will be splitting her time between Salem and the various parts of District 32 until the legislative session ends in July. Constituents may reach her offices by emailing [email protected], or calling by 503-986-1432.

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