Community Opinion

Letter: Thank you

The last cleanup crew has finished and are now on to their “next” things but will always be united as the last CARTM staff, the staff that was blessed beyond belief by our amazing community. THANK YOU for all of your gifts and contributions to our Employee Gift Baskets for Christmas. We were simply stunned by the outpouring of care, love, prayers, and good wishes from everyone. Special thanks to Dan Haag at the Manzanita Visitors Center for creating and providing a drop-off location for gifts; the Emergency Volunteer Corps and local businesses for the gift cards; Rhythm Method for donating their tip jar from the San Dune gig. Thanks to all of you who gave Christmas gifts for staff and their children; donated money that continues to help as we search for new jobs; filled the donation jars for us at CARTM during our last days of business. Thanks to all of you who came up and gave us hugs, shared your favorite CARTM stories, called to express your thanks, and told us about job openings. Thank you to the CARTM Board for everything you have done to keep us uplifted and cared for in these final, difficult months before the closure.
This is what we know: Our Community Loves Us!! We stand in the place of all of the staff, volunteers and board members who worked tirelessly for the last 20+ years to make CARTM the outstanding community resource that it was. We know that the outpouring of love and support we received reflects the great love and support that our community has always had for CARTM and which built CARTM. It wasn’t a castle, but at times, it felt like it was our Camelot.
You all helped us keep our heads held high during a most difficult time. Our hearts are so very grateful for each and every one of you – please know you’re appreciated beyond words. Thank You Again ~ Bless You All!!