Gov. Brown issues executive order regarding coast drilling

On Oct. 25, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive
order blocking offshore oil drilling on the coast. – Courtesy Photo

There are new efforts today to block the federal government’s efforts to conduct offshore drilling along the Oregon Coast.

IN an effort to protect the state’s economy, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order on Thursday, Oct. 25, blocking offshore oil drilling off Oregon’s Coast and directing state agencies to prevent activities associated with offshore oil and gas drilling.

According to a release from Brown’s office, the threat of offshore oil and gas drilling directly threatens coastal economies, marine fisheries, the environment, public health and safety, and cultural resources. Gov. Brown has sought an exemption for Oregon from the Trump Administration’s proposal for offshore drilling – similar to the exemption Florida received. But Oregon has not received such an exemption.

“Oregonians have a long and proud history of standing up to defend our state. And at a time when the Trump administration is trying to allow oil rigs to be built off nearly every coastline in America, I’m tired of waiting for the federal government to come to its senses and realize that this is terrible mistake,” Brown said. “Today, I have signed an executive order to permanently ban offshore drilling along the Oregon coast. This executive order will make it clear to oil and gas speculators that Oregon is not for sale.”

Brown’s release said that the Oregon Coast is an extremely important economic and recreational asset to the state, supporting approximately 22,000 jobs in its $2 billion coastal tourism and recreational industry, and more than 5,500 jobs in its $320 million commercial and recreational marine fishery. The Oregon Coast also provides an essential habitat for diverse species of plants and animals that depend on its unique ecosystems.

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