City of Manzanita looks to develop new offices, emergency preparedness facility

“This is a nice town and our city buildings are the worst in town,” Mayor Mike Scott said at the Nov. 7 Manzanita City Council meeting.

By Chelsea Yarnell
Guest Contributor

“This [town hall] is a converted gas station that we’ve been in for years. The police are in the abandoned fire station. If you’re going to keep good people, you have to pay them a competitive wage and give them a nice place to work.”

The Public Facilities Advisory Committee hopes they can solve that problem.

Currently under consideration is the Underhill Plaza between Manzanita Avenue and Division Street.

As part of the Committee’s monthly report, Jim Fanjoy from Brittell Architecture presented a proposed plan for building a new facility on the site that would include administration offices, the police department, and emergency preparedness facility.

The current building on the Underhill property has non-functioning plumbing, inadequate electrical, and dry rot; offering little usability for the city’s need.

So, the city is faced with the decision to sell the property and building as is, demo the building and sell the vacant property, or demo the building and use the property for their proposed project.

“We want to be very careful and present the most realistic [suggestion] to the council,” Committee member Lee Hiltenbrand said.

The public is invited to attend the Public Facilities Advisory Committee meetings to give input on the future of the city’s buildings.

“It’s an interactive meeting because we want to give the community what they want,” Hiltenbrand said. “And that only happens with others’ voices.”

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