Oregon Coast Railriders receives name change

Joseph Branch Railriders, Oregon Coast Railriders and Vance Creek Railriders will be updating the company name to dba RAILRIDER CYCLING. Each of the locations henceforth will be referred to as a Branch. RAILRIDER CYCLING, formerly Joseph Branch Railriders, opened to the public May 17, 2014. Similar businesses existed in Europe and Asia but not in the USA. Since 2014 the company has continued to grow and serve local and visiting guests to Joseph and Minam Oregon. JBR created a niche market that continues to enhance supporting service business within the region. Railrider Cycling is a seasonal business which offers guided tours five days a week from the Saturday before Memorial Day in May to the first week of October.
Railrider Cycling branch locations are Joseph Branch, 501 W Alder Street, Joseph, OR 97107,; Oregon Coast Branch 5400 Hayes Oyster Drive, Bay City, OR 97107,; and Vance Creek Branch, 421 W Hanks Lake Road, Shelton, WA 98584, Online reservations can be made directly from the websites or purchased at any ticket office. There is no guarantee of ticket availability, so reservations are recommended. Railrider Cycling added two new locations this summer; Wheeler Oregon and Shelton Washington. The Wheeler Branch is part of the formerly dba Oregon Coast Railriders. Vance Creek Railriders is located near Shelton Washington. RAILRIDER CYCLING employs local individuals as guides on a seasonal basis. If you are interested in employment, please contact us by the appropriate website email.
RAILRIDER CYCLING is owned and operated by Kim and Anita Metlen of Imbler, Oregon. The business has enjoyed a rapid evolution from the first protype that Kim constructed from an internet idea to the current design. Kim continues to improve the two and four seated designs. A new use and unique activity on formerly unused historic rails in Wallowa and Tilllamook counties in Oregon as well as Mason County Washington have given new life to old rails. Our purpose was to invigorate unused rail roads, enhance the local economy, create a recreation opportunity and allow Kim’s creative genius to flourish.
Railriding is a wonderful family, group, school or team building activity. The active recreation opportunity allows users to enjoy the nature as you pedal the rails and rail road enthusiasts to travel where the trains travelled in their hay day as freight and passenger transportation. Rail roads were developed as an economic stimulus that provided a necessary function in the local economy. Long and short haul truckers now more commonly provide that service in rural areas. Small rail roads are currently used for some freight hauling, excursion trains, railriding or have been removed and use as a trail. Wallowa Union Rail Road, the Port of Tilllamook Bay and Green Diamond Resources wanted to preserve the rails. Railriding has revitalized and repurposed the historic rail road.
October 1, 2018 is the final day for this season. May 18, 2019 Railrider Cycling opens for the 2019 season. Online you will find additional information, make reservation or purchase a gift voucher year-round. RAILRIDER CYCLING looks forward to continued popularity and success. Happy Railriding.

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