Condos fortify against future storms

The Seaview Condominium complex in Rockaway is preparing for a strong winter season by adding tons of defensive riprap along its beachfront.

By Brad Mosher
[email protected]

In recent years, tidal surges and storm waves have crested over the old rip rap barrier and caused thousands of dollars of damage to the garage, resident’s vehicles and exterior parking lots.

According to Bill Maitland, the owner and president of the Seaview Condominiums, the additional rip rap barrier of large boulders will extend out more than 21 feet and form a 30 degree angle that will help break up the power of the waves before they can breach the updated seawall.

Maitland said that it took four days to finish the project, which rebuild the sea wall using large boulders. “The big ones are important. The big ones are like footings. So when the ocean comes in they can’t be moved,” he explained.

In addition to east perimeter facing the beach, he also said that because of an agreement with the city, the repair and replace work was also done to the southern side of the property that is along a creek bed just north of the Wayside and the Pirate Ship Playground.

Maitland, the part owner and self-described maintenance man, said previous storms had done a lot of damage, but the repairs will help to break down the impact of the waves.

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