Local Hope finds the right key to songwriting win

Hope Montgomery is the winner of the 2018 Oregon Coast Songwriting Competition. It was her second time in the Bay City Arts Center-based contest, having been a 2017 participant.

When it comes to deciding a songwriting competition, the writing is the key, one of the judges said.
But the winner of the 2018 Oregon Coast Songwriting Competition Saturday at the Bay City Arts Center, Hope Montgomery of Rockaway Beach, took a slightly different view.
She took to heart some comments from the 2017 contest she participated in a year earlier. “They talked about paying attention to the key I was singing in. I have a friend of mine who is better at that than I am kind of help listen for that. I don’t have a good ear always for key, so that helps,” she recalled.
It did help, she admitted.
Montgomery, who literally was on a break from her job at Camp Magruder Saturday when she won the competition, said that now she feels inspired to do more writing. She is a program director at the camp. “I have to go back to training our summer staff,” she said after the win as she packed up to get back to Camp Magruder.
Montgomery was the only returnee from the 2017 competition, except for the winner, Eric Sappington, who returned to the competition as one of the judges. Montgomery won the $500 grand prize.
The field of competitors also included Wil Duncan of Oceanside, Gene Burnett of Ashland, Paul Bennett is from Sisters, Jim Nelson of Tillamook, and Andee Joyce of Hillsboro.
The evening started with a lasagna dinner downstairs, before moving to the performance area on the second floor.

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