Oslund named City Manager in Wheeler

New City Manager Angela Oslund took over the lead adminstrative position in Wheeler in early April.


The City of Wheeler has a new City Manager. Angela Oslund has been on the job about one month now, and she is already reaching out to other community and area leaders and listening to the citizens of Wheeler about anything that affects the small city in north Tillamook County.

By Joe Warren
[email protected]

She succeeds Geoff Wullschlager who took a job as the assistant city manager in Garibaldi in January.
For the past couple of years, Oslund worked in the private sector as a consultant. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Portland State University in Civil Engineering in 2008 and a masters degree in Arts and Leadership from Gonzaga University in 2017.
After receiving her bachelor degree, Oslund worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a Civil Engineer. She worked part time for the forest service in their Pathways program from 2003 through 2008, prior to graduating from college.
From 2013 through 2016 and prior to breaking out into the private sector, Oslund was the Forest Facilities Engineer at the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State.
Oslund moved here with her husband, Scott.
“It’s nice to be back in public service,” she said in a phone interview with the North Coast Citizen on Monday. “I have always felt very strong about public service.”
Oslund says she has always loved the coast. Growing up her family would vacation on the coast, so when a job in public service opened up in Wheeler, she jumped at the opportunity.
Her time with the forest service, and her education should be a vital link to helping Wheeler progress.
“This is a very good opportunity to stretch my skills in a different way,” she said. “There is a lot going on in terms of potential development here in Wheeler.”
She says that the Railriders are coming to Wheeler to mobilize their business there and residential and commercial developers are looking at the potential of Wheeler for investing near the City’s waterfront.
“I’m listening to all the conversations going on now to be prepared,” Oslund said. “The staff and I will be versed with energy and excitement when these things come to Wheeler.”

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