Support Mary Faith Bell for Commissioner

We strongly endorse the candidacy of Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner. Here are some of the reasons:
1- She has an outstanding record of volunteer public service over an extended period of time.
This service includes current membership on the TBCC Board of Education, having been elected twice; current service on the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce Board, having held all executive positions including president; current service on the County Tourism Advisory Committee, having been appointed by the Board of Commissioners on inception of that board.
2- She is very knowledgeable about the County as a whole, having served as editor of the
Headlight Herald.
3- She is knowledgeable about the health needs and related issues of the county as the current director of Communications and Marketing for the Tillamook Regional Medical Center.
4- She is informed of rural county issues as a graduate of the Ford Institute Rural Community Leadership Program.
5- She is a native Oregonian and has lived in the county for 13 years.
Mary Faith Bell, obviously, is a well-rounded, well-informed person who has worked successfully with diverse groups concerning important issues, including the Board of Commissioners. As a new commissioner she would “hit the ground running.” Beyond all else, she has demonstrated an ability to stay on task, to work collaboratively and to build consensus. In the process she has earned the respect of those with whom she works. These qualities are especially important in a non-partisan office where avoiding involvement in partisan politics is a key to success.
Kay Stepp and Garry Bullard