Doggie stations for dog waste not garbage

Manzanita is fine to dispose of your dog’s waste – just not yours.

“The city has been having problems with people using the doggie stations as dump sites,” City Manager Jerry Taylor said. “We decided to experiment and took the buckets off all the stations.”

By Jordan Wolfe
[email protected]

People were howling.

Twenty-six Doggie Stations with bags and small buckets to deposit the waste are scattered around the city and along the beach for the convenience of dog walkers. However, some people have been taking advantage of the city service. The buckets began coming down March 28-29 and according to Taylor the reaction was instant.

“That didn’t over well,” he said, “A lot of folks weren’t happy.”

Doggie Station buckets aren’t large – about the size of a household kitchen trash receptacle – but people have been leaving items ranging from soda cans to entire bags of garbage in them.

“This happens in a lot of coastal cities,” Taylor said, adding Manzanita’s Little Apple Grocery and Deli faces problems every Sunday night as people leave bags of trash in their dumpster.

“We’re spending a lot of time and city money taking care of household garbage,” Taylor said. “We want to be dog friendly.”

Community members have voiced their displeasure with the bucket removal and at the April 4 City Council meeting, the council moved to return the buckets.

“In 25 words or less, the city council said, ‘Put them back up,’” Taylor said.

The city is in the process of reinstalling the buckets, starting in the north end of town and working south, according to Taylor. However, some of the buckets were damaged prior to their removal and are being repaired.

“The city realized it’s a problem,” Taylor said, “The buckets shouldn’t have been taken down and we are putting them back.”

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