We need the best library system

Libraries are critical institutions in our society. They are not merely passive sites where everyone can access facts, but rather centers of contextualized information.
In these days of Google, people forget that not all information is created equal. Go to your local librarian if you have a question, whether it be the value of your 2003 Honda CRC or you need to get at the facts behind a literary allusion, or learn about current, or past world events. The librarian will use the best sources of information to help you, sifting out the unreliable or suspect sources from the solid ones.
This is a bedrock of our society.
If we don’t have access to trustworthy information, then truth and accuracy become meaningless. An old professor of mine told our class years ago: “to assert is not to prove.” Think of that when you read your paper, then go to the library and look for the proof.
I am thrilled when I see the bookmobile chugging up or down county roads to serve far-flung Tillamook communities. My love of learning was helped by story hours when I was little, and in older age, our local library is an important access point if I need help finding information on health care, taxes, etc.
We do not live in a zero-sum world. We can have quality libraries, good roads and services. We all just need to be active in community government, on all levels. Go to meetings, ask questions, you may just get the answers you were looking for.
In my opinion we need the best library system in the country here in Tillamook County.

Mark Kuestner