A shared social responsibility

Opponents of Measure 101 are mad at the State of Oregon for imposing a 1.5 percent temporary tax on medical insurance companies. A tax, they say, that will be passed down to us taxpayers as an increase in premiums.

Maybe they will? Maybe they won’t?

Considering the insurance company’s have just received a 14 percent tax cut from the Republicans in Congress, maybe this time the insurance company’s will decide that a 1.5 percent temporary tax, a tax that would ensure 300,000 plus Oregon children, disabled and those with low income would receive health care, might be worth paying.

Taking this one for the Gipper as it were.

A yes on Measure 101 will ensure that Oregonians, mostly children, will be able to have access to health care and will set our State up to receive up to $900 million in matching Federal funds for Medicaid.

A no vote on Measure 101 will take that all away.

Make life better in Oregon. Vote Yes for Measure 101.

As people, we have a shared social responsibility to provide for the common good and to promote the general welfare of our nation.

A responsibility we all share and one that corporations should also share.

Vote yes on Measure 101.

Richard Teerman

Rockaway Beach

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