Manzanita’s Highway 101 construction ties up loose ends

With all the finishing touches made to the newly redesigned Hwy 101 intersection near Manzanita, the community can now seamlessly use the intersection as well as take to heart a much more salmon friendly culvert and riverbed below.

By Brian Cameron
“The project included a number of realignments to the existing roadbed,” said Alvin Shoblom, Interim Project Manager, Area 1, ODOT. “A number of grade changes were done to make the curve in the highway safer for people turning off toward Manzanita.”
Started in April 2015 the project was originally intended to be completed around October of 2016 however due to the tunnel and the culvert below the road taking more time than what was originally planned, the project has finally finished up.
“The construction of the tunnel for the culvert took the contractor longer than anticipated and the work with the culvert and the streambed was not able to be completed until recently,” said Shoblom. “As a result the roadway realignment could not commence until the following year when the weather was more suitable for outdoor construction.”
Officially finished at the end of October 2017 the project turned out to be much larger than the community had originally thought and during the process the City of Manzanita organized a number of tours of the site in order to remain up to date about the project’s progress and timeline.
“Consistent communication was kept with the City of Manzanita and local businesses during the construction,” said Shoblom. “Which allowed any questions and or concerns to be brought forth by the public to the agency to be streamlined and addressed quickly.”
To date the project comprised of some major changes to the roadway including a horizontal realignment in order to make the curve more gentle to motorists, as well as the cross slope of the curve dialed back to 4 percent from the previous 10 percent. Laneda avenue itself was also realigned to have a more transverse intersection with the highway. New striping and widening allowed for a new left-turn lane onto Manzanita Avenue, and a bicylcle lane, lighting, a guardrail and sidewalks with ADA compliant ramps were also introduced to the area.
In addition to the road realignments and intersectional changes the project also saw a complete redesign of the culvert, tunnel and streambed below the roadway which was the primary purpose for the project form the beginning.
“The project removed approximately two hundred feet of culvert and replaced it with fish friendly passage and a newly restored stream,” said Shoblom. “The new culvert meets fish passage guidelines set in place by the State of Oregon and NOAA and is a substantial improvement to the watershed.”