Lively Olive Ridley Turtle beaches near Astoria

A beach Ranger from Fort Steven’s State Park had found a live sea turtle on the Columbia River Beach. When we arrived the turtle was quite active, which is a good sign but knowing that this poor turtle went through the Columbia River Bar and the fact that it’s shell looked pretty beat up, we knew that if this turtle had any chance of survival it would be a rough road. The turtle was transported down to the Oregon Coast Aquarium one of two licensed rehab facilities in the Pacific Northwest for sea turtles, the other being Seattle Aquarium which is currently rehabbing a turtle found in early October on the central Oregon coast.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is also in the midst of rehabbing an Olive Ridley sea turtle found in Illawco on the 23rd of November.

The turtle recovered from the Columbia River Beach was a juvenile green sea turtle. It was a smaller turtle about 20 to 30 pounds.

You are welcome to use any photographs provided, please credit them TiffanyBoothe/Seaside Aquarium.

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