Iron Chef Goes Coastal features local

Courtesy Photo/Galena Flores
Chef and local innkeeper Kendra Hall was invited to the Iron Chef Goes Coastal event to represent Kendra’s River Inn, she brought with her 600 Netarts Bay Oysters for guests to sample while watching the competition for Iron Chef.

In the first half of November the 2017 Iron Chef Goes Coastal event graced the community of Cannon Beach, and not without featuring one of north Tillamook County’s favored local chefs.
By Brian Cameron
“It was an awesome experience,” said Kendra Hall, owner, Kendra’s River Inn. “It was a great opportunity to showcase the widespread sourcing culture we have cultivated in our county.”
The event offered attendees a chance to dine with 16 of the area’s finest restaurants, and once everyone had a chance to try everything they then vote on whichever contestant they want to see come back the following year to contend against the winner of the previous year’s event.
Last year, the winners of the Iron Chef Goes Coastal event were Chef Jonathan Hoffman from Chef’s Table, and Chef John Sowa of Sweet Basil restaurant. They were to face off against some notable newcomers: Silver Salmon Grille out of Astoria and Seaside Osprey Café, which is located in Seaside.
Only the previous year’s winners get to cook onsite but the other invited restaurants are required to bring a unique dish that can serve up to 600 guests. Hall, who was there on behalf of Kendra’s River Inn was thrilled to be part of it.
“It was quite an event,” said Hall. “If asked whether or not I want to take part in the event next year I’ll jump at the chance.”
Hall represented the local sourcing culture that has risen to provide fresh area procured ingredients directly to the plates of restaurant and café goers throughout the region. According to Hall it was difficult to find the right item but finally settled on one food that is certainly unique of Tillamook County, Netarts Bay Oysters.
“People loved that we brought oysters,” said Hall. “We were in great company too with Fort George Brewery and Maggie’s on the Prom.”
Hall said that even though the event was a lot to prepare for, the experience itself was worth it and would be happy to return if requested to do so.
“What can I say? I’m a Mohler girl,” said Hall. “I’m happy to represent us in such a great way.”

Chef Goes Coastal
Chef Jonathan Hoffman from Chef’s Table and Chef John Sowa of Sweet Basil’s were the winners of last year’s Iron Chef Goes Coastal in Cannon Beach. – Courtesy Photo/Iron