Garibaldi Bay Market finishes facelift for customers

The front entrance to the Garibaldi Bay Market has been completely redesigned to offer an inviting experience to the customer.

The biggest grocery store in Garibaldi has undergone a massive makeover in order to provide a fresh new look – and new offerings – for customers to enjoy as they visit their neighborhood market.
By Brian Cameron
“We added a full service meat department, service deli with hot and cold food to go, and we have expanded the produce department selections,” Don Sheeley, Garibaldi Bay Market owner, said. “All of the remaining sections have also been expanded including dairy, cheeses, lunch meats and frozen food departments.”
After undergoing a $450,000 renovation, the newly transformed grocery store will provide a better and more competitive service to Garibaldi, Barview, Bay City and Rockaway Beach residents, as well as cater to the wayward Tillamook area visitor year round.
After being approached by an associate about the idea of purchasing Garibaldi Bay Market, Sheeley along with Roger and Barb Cooper, moved to buy the community grocery store and bring their longtime grocer experience along with them.
“Roger and I were originally coworkers with Unified Grocers,” said Sheeley. “After we agreed to go into business partnership with one another, it seemed like a really great option; Roger brings a lot of grocer experience from not only his time with United Grocers but also years with Albertson’s.”
Currently Roger, and his wife Barb Cooper are the general management team at the Garibaldi Bay Market. Formerly the Garibaldi Food Basket, the business is not only going through a change of hands of ownership, but also undergoing a physical upgrade to its outer façade and entrance, signage and a number of internal upgrades in order to remain contemporary and competitive for today’s grocery needs.
“We’re going to shift the general business model to be based off of the larger competitors like Safeway,” said Sheeley. “We’re enacting a Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) program that will be ongoing with a variety of changes, some weeks certain items are on sale, the next another. It balances out as a better benefit to the customer.”
The Garibaldi Bay Market is located at 705 Garibaldi Ave. in Garibaldi and is set to officially have its grand opening within the next few weeks but customers are still welcome to freely visit and purchase groceries like normal as the finishing touches on construction are completed.
For more information, call the store at 503-322-3270.

A newly designed produce rack, meat department and a hot/cold deli are all part of the new expansion.