A Christmas kitty meow-icle

Living homeless in a crawlspace under the Helping Hands shelter at the Port of Tillamook Bay, “Buddy” was rescued by United Paws and has since become central to a potential Christmas-cat miracle.

By Brian Cameron
“He was very scared and would only approach a young girl and only allow her to touch him,” said Cassy Persons, United Paws. “He was living underneath Helping Hands homeless shelter and was very hungry.”
Persons had been asked by Helping Hands to come over and try and catch the cat that had taken up residence underneath the old Officer’s Mess hall at the Port of Tillamook Bay. Little did she know at the time when she coaxed the furry and semi-feral feline into a live-trap that he was to be the focal point of a holiday reunion with his owners, 2,500 miles away.
Over a year and a half ago John and Betty Moore decided to move to Betty’s home in Shreveport Louisiana. At that time they decided to leave Buddy with a relative who was staying near to the Tillamook Air Museum so they could easily move their stuff down and then come back later for their feline friend.
“Something went wrong, Buddy just disappeared one day and that was the last they ever saw of him,” said Betty Moore. “We came back two or three times over the last few years and actively searched for him but just never found him.”
Shortly after Buddy’s rescue from the crawlspace confines Persons brought him to her home to foster him while they posted his photo on the United Paws Facebook page, and by shear luck Betty Moore still followed the page and saw their cat safe and sound.
“After I caught him in the live trap he was very stressed,” said Persons. “I put a blanket over the cage and then without knowing his name I called him ‘Bud,’ he quieted down immediately when I took him back to headquarters to get him cleaned and fed.”
According to Buddy’s owners it was by shear luck he originally came to them in the first place after another neighborhood cat “Prometheus” led Buddy to the front porch of the Moore’s residence.
“Ever since Buddy first showed up on our porch when I was outside with my wife, it was as if he chose us, and even more specifically, Buddy chose me after he casually walked over to my feet and looked up and meowed,” said John Moore. “After that I fell in love, he was my cat.”
Now that Buddy has been found the volunteers over at United Paws have started a campaign to get him home to his owners, all the way in Louisiana. They have posted the GoFundMe campaign onto their organization’s Facebook page as well as their website.
If you are feeling so inclined to help Buddy get home then check out United Paws’ website at or by going to their Facebook page under the same name.

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