Village Lights brighten county with TLT benefits

A new program instituted by the influx of Transient Lodging Tax monies stands to benefit nearly every community this holiday season in the form of publicly themed lighting displays, representative of each community within Tillamook County.

By Brian Cameron
“The new lights serve to fit a specific purpose,” said Nan Devlin, Visit Tillamook Coast Director. “They will provide a sense of festive cheer that is always nice to see, as well as serve to make the area inviting to potential off-seasonal visitors.”
According to Devlin the only towns throughout the County that opted out of the new Holiday Lights program were the communities of Oceanside and Hebo, citing potential light pollution in regards city ambience. However, every other town and community throughout the county has chosen to take part, and in doing so have the opportunity to theme lights from an aspect of their community.
“I’m really excited to see how it all looks,” said Devlin. “Garibaldi is running with their theme of ‘crab pot Christmas tree.”
Aside from a ‘Crab Pot Christmas’ the other examples are farming themes in both Cloverdale and Tillamook, the beachside community of Neskowin has chosen golfing as their theme, and other lighting scenes throughout the county have been added to so as to provide a more festive environment for onlookers.
“Each town will have its own theme,” said Devlin. “The hope is that this will provide a great opportunity for a driving-tour of the entire Tillamook Coast that will showcase the varied communities throughout the area.”
The program cost approximately 25 thousand dollars and was entirely paid for by tourism-generated Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) dollars. The Village Lights program is one of many that are starting to become evident throughout the county, in addition to signage, wayfinding, published material, and digital and print advertising.
All of it is part of an effort to build more visitor interest during the off-season where tourism numbers are historically low.
If you would like to take part in seeing the new holiday lights, the City of Garibaldi is hosting a lighting of the Crab Pot Tree. The Garibaldi City Council and Mayor McCarthy are to officially light the tree (constructed with crab pots) on Saturday, Nov. 25 at 3:30 p.m. Hot drinks, cookies and goodie bags for kids are offered. Any questions call the Garibaldi City Hall at 503-322-3327.