Rinehart Clinic announces grant projects and funding

Grant funding helps Rinehart Clinic pursue its goal of improving overall health of the community
Over the last two years, Rinehart Clinic has successfully pursued several grant funding opportunities aimed at improving the overall health of the community by addressing specific health-related needs of North Oregon Coast residents.
The grant-funded programs Rinehart Clinic has launched reflect our belief that a community is made healthy by the hard work and dedication of its individual members. These programs focus on: reaching residents currently not accessing healthcare or who need assistance finding insurance coverage; helping patients with diabetes manage their health challenges; and an expansion of mental health services, including substance abuse treatment.
o ¡Soy Sano!/I’m Healthy Grant – Rinehart Clinic received $71,803 in funding from Oregon Health Authority to help connect children and teens (birth to age 18) to free health care services if they do not qualify for state or federal health insurance programs.
The Oregon Health Authority recently announced that children who are signed up for the ¡Soy Sano! program before December 31, 2017 will be covered automatically for 2018 under Oregon’s “Cover All Kids” legislation passed in July. This could impact an estimated 17,000 children and teens in Oregon.
Over the course of the last year, Rinehart Clinic staff has taken the ¡Soy Sano! mission seriously. The clinic now has a full-service Spanish-speaking staff, from the front desk to our Family Nurse Practitioner. We have broadened our outreach in Tillamook and South Clatsop counties in the hopes of ensuring that every child who needs healthcare is receiving it.
o Diabetes Risk Reduction Grant – Received $77,650 from the Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization to launch a comprehensive diabetes risk reduction program in North Tillamook County aimed at reducing some of the barriers faced by residents with uncontrolled diabetes. Statistics indicate that nearly 33 percent of adults in Tillamook County are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.
Education about healthy lifestyle choices is important, but we have found the most important factor in bringing about positive change is creating a supportive group environment for all our classes. The program has been under way since mid-summer and the clinic is already seeing positive outcomes in terms of lowered blood sugar (A1C) numbers in some of its patients.
This grant request included funding for community partners, which has allowed the clinic to engage a variety of outside resources to help patients take control of their own health and make positive strides to overcome some of the risk factors of diabetes (obesity and sedentary lifestyles).
Our grant partners include:
o North County Recreation District, which is participating with fitness and aquatics passes for patients to help them become more physically active.
o Moon River Farms, a local organic farm that provided a 22-week share of vegetables through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The farm-fresh vegetables are distributed to patients who attend the group classes and are also used in the clinic’s popular “Art of Eating” workshops that introduce healthy and creative ways to increase the use of vegetables in our patients’ diets.
o Manzanita Farmers Market, which is participating with a voucher program that offered patients free fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and fall at the weekly market.
o Manzanita Grocery and Deli, a local business long known for its commitment to the well-being of the community, is participating in a patient voucher program to provide fresh produce in winter when the local farms are not producing.
(November 7 – December 12) Rinehart Clinic will launch free a “Living Well with Diabetes” workshop series at the North County Recreation District. Community members interested in participating can call 1-800-368-5182, Ext. 101 to learn more or to register.
o Community Partner Grant – Received $50,000 from Oregon Health Authority and the Department of Consumer and Business Services to help Oregonians of all income levels access public and private health insurance. The focus of this grant is to help residents eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare understand the coverage available to them and to provide them assistance in the application process.
The funding has covered training and certification for Rinehart Clinic staff and allowed for broad outreach to make sure residents are aware of the insurance coverage and other resources available to them. With a shortened open enrollment period of November 1 through Dec. 15, we are committed to informing the community of insurance options. These services are available to everyone – residents do not need to be a Rinehart Clinic patient to take advantage of these free resources.
o Mental Health and Substance Abuse Grant – Awarded $175,700 from the Health Resources and Services Administration to expand mental health services and substance abuse services focused on treatment, prevention, and awareness of opioid abuse. The clinic healthcare team has worked diligently with the Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization to follow state guidelines and implement best practices related to pain management. This grant allows the clinic to redouble its efforts to provide alternatives to opioid pain medicines and to provide resources that help support community members in their recovery from the disease of addiction.
Mental health is a critical component in the overall health of a community. In North Tillamook County, the nearest outpatient mental health and/or addictions provider is over 25 miles away. Income and transportation limitations often present barriers for patients in our service area and limited staffing at Rinehart Clinic has made it challenging for us to offer the treatment necessary locally. This funding has allowed us to hire an additional full-time Licensed Clinical Social Worker and launch new programs to help address the treatment gap in the North County communities, allowing patients to access primary care and mental health services all in the same location.
The focus of these treatment programs includes untreated and long-standing mental health issues associated with post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. It also targets adults with opioid use disorders, including those with opioid prescriptions for chronic pain.
Earlier this year, Rinehart Clinic launched a Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program, with the support of local law enforcement agencies and other community partners. The MAT program offers non-addictive alternatives with heavy treatment therapies such as group classes, one-on-one counseling for outpatient addiction services.
Rinehart Clinic’s Chief Executive Officer, Marge Jozsa, is enthused about the new and enhanced programs made possible by these various grants. “We are grateful for the financial support provided by these grants and we look forward to sharing additional success stories as these programs become part of the clinic’s overall healthcare offerings.”
Rinehart Clinic’s hope is that the additional programs made possible by this grant funding will have far-reaching impacts. In healthcare, we know that a variety of factors contribute to a community’s health. If the individual residents are taking steps to improve their health, their communities are positively impacted, and ultimately so is the entire region.
About Rinehart Clinic: The Rinehart Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center located in north Tillamook County that provides high-quality, complete, personalized healthcare for residents and visitors, regardless of their health conditions or financial circumstances.

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