HRAP announce Oregon King Tides photo submission, Dec. 3-5, Jan. 2-4

Join the Haystack Rock Awareness Program, in partnership with Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, the Oregon Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, and the Department of Land Conservation and Development, as we partake in the Oregon King Tide Photo Project by taking photographs of areas that will be impacted by this season’s king tides. Participants will meet at the Bald Eagle Coffee House, 1064 S Hemlock St., on Sunday, Dec. 3 at 10:00 a.m. – bring a camera, grab a coffee, and be prepared to take some great pictures!
The King Tide Photo Initiative is an international grass roots effort to document areas flooded by the most extreme winter high tides. On December 3rd, we will observe and photograph Cannon Beach, when the water level is at the peak of the tide. The images will be compared with those taken at the same location during a “typical” high tide. Archiving these high-water events allow us to visualize how sea level rise will affect our communities in the future.
Everyone is invited to attend and learn more about the annual project. If you are not in Cannon Beach but would still like to participate, visit and check out the King Tide Table Map to find the time of peak tide where you are.
If you have questions or comments, please contact Melissa Keyser, Haystack Rock Awareness Program Coordinator at 503-436-8060 or email